These days - featuring MERC

Hi guys,

just another busy day in a buzzing city like Hamburg is one.

And I’m somewhere right in between the crowd, trying to catch the tube to get from A to B in time.

Days like these make me miss some days off or holidays even more.

Everybody who lives in a metropole like Hamburg will know best - its hard to slow down because the city itself never does.

However, These days it is truly important to express yourself with the clothes you wear, with the shoes you walk or with the cap that covers your head.

With clothing from MERC you don’t do nothing wrong - but everything completely right. They’re doing cool and fitting stuff and are fully hitting the nerve of the time.

Urban and classic, modern and stylish. This is how I would characterize the style of MERC.

It is simply brilliant. I appreciate their tough effort and work and am loving their clothes, which is the reason why you can see me dressed in MERC so often.

The key to success is to move with the times without simply following the mainstream.

Merc - a very high quality clothing brand with classic style and unquestionable heritage at heart.

Go and get your first piece of MERC if you haven’t one yet - you’ll don’t be disappointed. I PROMISE!



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